Transitioning during PhD

I transitioned from female to male during my PhD program. The following things were all said to me by students, faculty, or staff during the first two years of my transition:

  • “Do I change pronouns now or wait until after the surgery?”
  • “You probably had better odds being hired as a woman, with all the political correctness.”
  • “I wonder if you’ll get better at your work, you know, more aggressive, when the testosterone kicks in.”
  • “So what do you do in the bathroom? Use a stall?”
  •  “I’m not the only one who still says ‘she’–so does X and Y. It’s not my fault.”
  • “You look like you’re in a good mood today–is it the hormones?”
  • “Oh, I ran into someone who I think went to your college. I asked if they knew you, and said you went by ‘[new name]’ now.”
  • “So what do you think about trans women? Like, their surgeries and stuff? Would you be into them?”

These individuals almost invariably identified as liberal and as allies.