Adjuncting while trans

I am a part-time instructor at two universities in a generally trans-friendly Midwestern city. For most part I’ve been treated well since I transitioned on the job. My colleagues and students have been respectful and they get my pronouns right 85-90% of the time. I haven’t had any issues using womens’ restrooms on campus, either.

The worst things? “Light” misgendering and continuing issues with HR related to making sure my name/gender marker has been changed across all platforms.

Even though I’ve continued to receive assignments, I’m fairly consumed by the fear that being trans makes my job security particularly tenuous.

As far as the classroom goes, my students are polite and respectful (to my face, at least… I have no impulse to find out what they are saying when I’m not around). I feel fortunate that I appear to still be an effective instructor.